Please note that taking information from this website and then purchasing "non-therapeutic" essential oils for your condition, will do little to help you, and might, in fact, cause you more distress, as most oils in health food stores (and even many online) are NOT therapeutic grade, and contain chemicals and/or ingredients to "stretch" the oil. What good can come from this expense of time, health, and wealth? So buyer beware!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Young Living Essential Oils for Anxiety

I love the Lavender oil. I have some issues with anxiety and I swear by the stuff. It actually stopped an anxiety attack in its tracks! --Meridith Enny
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Checking through our Essential Oils Desk Reference, Young Living Lavender Oil is listed as beneficial regarding the following emotional responses: Agitation, Anger, Anxiety, Boredom, Concentration, Day-Dreaming, Depression, Despair, Disappointment, Discouragement, Frustration, Grief/Sorrow, Mood Swings, Obsessiveness, Panic, and Restlessness. So one can readily see why this is a great oil for the medicine chest.

However, if you purchase lavender oil through a health food store, it most likely will do little to heal you, and it can even do harm, because most essential oils sold through health food stores are not therapeutic grade and will be extended with lesser oils and also chemicals. So make sure to ask management, before you buy... OR purchase Young Living's "therapeutic" Lavender Essential Oil from the get-go, and know you're getting the best.

How to use: Young Living Essential Lavender Oil can be placed neat (no dilution) on your wrists, under your nose, the back of one's neck, on your shoulders, the bottoms of one's feet. You can also put a couple drops into your left hand and rub clockwise with the flat palm of your right hand. Cup your hands together over the nose and mouth and inhale deeply 4-6 times and repeat during the day as necessary. (Do not touch your eyes!)

Lavender is also wonderful for burns, and cuts inside the mouth. Use neat (no dilution) and you'll experience quick relief.

Young Living's RutaVaLa roll-on (which contains Coconut oil, Lavender oil, Valerian root oil, and Ruta graveolens) is great for helping one fall asleep (we roll it onto our wrists) and Melissa and Frankincense are two oils more costly, but of great benefit to the nervous system. Another good oil (very affordable) for anxiety (and depression) is Orange. Please see this link:

Interested in purchasing a bottle of Lavender Oil and/or other Young Living products? Place your order at this link!
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