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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Young Living Essential Oils for autism

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We have not personally used Young Living Essential Oils for autism, however, we have seen Frankincense curb, then halt, a tantrum or fit of rage, within seconds, maybe a minute, of application; it is an amazing essential oil for the nervous system, aiding anxiety, but especially depression and anger. Please see our posts here in that regard. The following, on autism, is excerpted from:

Essential Oils Desk Reference:
Some researchers believe that gastrointestinal disorders may be linked to the brain dysfunctions that cause autism in children (Horvath et al., 1998). In fact, there have been several cases of successful treatment of autism using pancreatic enzymes.
Stimulation of the limbic region of the brain may also help treat autism. Aromas from essential oils have a powerful ability to stimulate this part of the brain since the sense of smell (olfaction) is tied directly into the mind's emotional and hormonal centers. As a result the aroma of an essential oil has the potential to exert a powerful influence on disorders such as ADD and autism.
Brain Power, sandalwood, frankincense
Single Oils:
Vetiver, lavender, Eucalyptus globulus, melissa, cedarwood
Valor, Valor Roll-on, Clarity, Peace and Calming
DIFFUSION, 15 min. 4-6 times daily
DIRECT, 4-6 times daily
Essentialzyme, Polyzyme, Ningxia Red,
Power Meal, Balance Complete
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