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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Young Living Abundance Essential Oil for Depression?

I came upon Young Living Abundance Essential Oil quite by accident. It was a complementary (in abundance?) oil from YL after I had ordered a certain PV amount. When I initially smelled this oil, I thought it a little funky; maybe it was the patchouli oil that was triggering "the 60s" in my brain. (Abundance also includes frankincense, orange, spruce, cinnamon, myrrh, clove and ginger oils.)

Anyway, I put the oil away, and didn't open it again until my beloved YL Frankincense Oil went dry one day. Well, it didn't take long before I became a huge "abundant" fan of Young Living Abundance Oil (I mix it with unscented body lotion from Everybody). I then thought what a great oil this would be to mention for those depressed, so I looked in my Essential Oils Desk Reference, to see what they had to say on the subject. But to my surprise, not only was Abundance left out of the suggested oils for depression, but it was left out of every other emotional response leading up to it, such as abuse, agitation, anger, anxiety, apathy, argumentative, boredom, concentration, confusion, and day-dreaming. Yet, frankincense is mentioned in more emotional challenges than not.

Maybe it was the frankincense and/or orange in Abundance that aided me, two oils that are indeed listed for help with depression in the EODR. Here's YL's Overview on Abundance Oil and you can make up your own mind on whether to give it a try:
Abundance™ is created to enhance the frequency of the harmonic magnetic energy field that surrounds us. This higher frequency creates what is called "the law of attraction," which refers to the things we attract to ourselves. Abundance opens us to a wealth of possibilities.
[Update: Just days after publishing this post, our priest, who speaks in a wonderfully simplistic fashion, said in regard to depression (it was the theme of his homily), that one cannot remain depressed if they say every day (numerous times as needed), "Jesus I love you. Mary I love you." Now if you're an agnostic, you're in real trouble on this one, but I'd be remiss not to mention this solution as there are a number of avenues of "holy-istic" healing one can implement, in addition to using the essential oils God put on this earth for our benefit.]

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