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Monday, March 15, 2010

Healing swollen glands with Young Living Oregano Essential Oil

When my youngest son arrived home from college this weekend, he wasn't feeling all that well, something I previously knew about and I had asked his sister, who attends the same college as he does, to bring him some essential oil she had for his symptoms (yes, send your kids to college with healing YL oils). So he took a drop or two of Young Living Essential Oregano Oil (mixed 20:80 with V-6 Oil -- a carrier oil from Young Living; any high-quality vegetable oil will suffice) in a gelatin capsule (available through YL or health food stores) the day before coming home (and it helped his sore throat) but he still had swollen glands.

Another couple doses of YL Oregano in a capsule (every four hours), in addition to gargling with YL Oregano Oil (one drop only per 6 ounces of warm water; it is strong and tastes horrible, but it has worked for many), and he was on his way to ridding himself of the swollen glands as well. By morning, his glands were back to normal. Keep in mind YL's Oregano Oil, like antibiotics, kills off both the bad and good bacteria in your system, so take an efficient pro-biotic, (not at the exact same time, but a couple of hours later) when treating with oregano oil.

P.S. We've also used YL's Oregano Oil for both of our medium-large dogs (as an aside, essential oils should not be used on cats), when they had intestinal issues. We placed a couple drops of oil in a capsule and filled the rest up with a high-grade vegetable oil. We then put the capsule in some liver sausage, and quickly gave it to them. We gave them a couple doses during the day. Although we do not know for sure if it was the oil or not, both of them recovered within a day or two and a vet visit was then not necessary.

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